movie monster poster mural

Decor Tour: Monster Movie Poster Mural

Join me on the first stop of my decor tour; the monster movie poster mural and snack corner! Because who doesn’t love a home tour? I have been focusing on the overall theme of my Halloween decor over the last few years and the vibes are through the roof with the look this year. I’m no maximalist decorator, but I do love having a story to tell through my Halloween embellishments.

monster movie poster mural

First up? This funny little countertop we have in our living space. There is a wall cabinet and a storage cabinet with this huge empty space between them. It usually becomes a dumping space and gets super messy. However, I was hit with this idea when unpacking all of my decor to turn it into a little movie theater corner. If you will, a snack bar for all our cuddles on the couch with the spooky movie fests that happen in our household. We are movie people. What can I say?

This monster movie poster mural came out EXACTLY how I envisioned! It was super exciting to see it come to life. I had really wanted to use those vintage monster masks from Spirit Halloween we bought last year. I hung them over the posters, and it looks so fun. Later, I think I will figure out how to add some lights inside them to make it look like the eyes are glowing. For now, the magnetic rechargeable puck lights will work for the atmospheric mood lighting.

My big treat for myself this year was investing in the Disney Store skeleton dance pieces. I was on the fence with the glasses (fingers crossed they restock once more), but I decided to take the plunge on whatever else I could in the collection when I saw the plates.

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